Android Things

One of the things Chris and I have been talking about is developing for Google's Internet of Things distribution for the Raspberry PI.

Roughly, we'd expand on the agi-esp8266 plant sensor by also adding support to a Raspberry Pi base station for various home automation equipment manufactured to support the Z-Wave protocol.

If you're not familiar with Z-Wave, it's a consortium of manufacturers and home automation equipment suppliers.

You can find out more about it here

So, Android Things is a relatively recent Android-based operating system being developed for single board computers (SBC's) and IoT devices like the Intel Edison, Intel Joule, NXP Pico i.MX6UL and finally the Raspberry Pi 3.

One of the benefits of developing for the Android Things operating system is that it's an open source, shared platform.

So, if we're already developing for Android smartphones to interface with, bootstrap, configure and communicate with the agi-esp8266 plant sensor presumably much of the development will allow for some code re-use.

However, depending on what our research points to we may begin developing the software necessary to interface with Z-Wave products to bridge compatiblity between Z-Wave smarthome products with hobbyist hardware like the Raspberry Pi or Intel Edison/Joule.

I will post more on this later.