List of Projects

Projects? What projects?

So, if you know me, you're probably aware that I have a giant list of crazy electronics projects I'm working on, thinking about or want to try. Here's a brief list of most of 'em.

List of ongoing projects:

  1. AGI-ESP8266: A plant growing sensor Internet of Things (IoT) thing. Part of a larger project to build a rapidly deployable, super cheap greenhouse system for use in the Arctic.
  2. Supercooled coilgun, crazy idea to use liquid nitrogen to supercool copper windings on a conventional electromagnetic coilgun.
  3. Various home automation IoT devices. Essentially, intended for home alarm systems using light based networking "Li-Fi" and WiFi based microcontrollers in motion sensors, door contacts, electronic locks and a variety of other DIY-compatible implementations for controlling lights, temperature, home theatre systems, etc. All using open-source software/hardware.
  4. Robot Goalie, as the name implies: It's a robot goalie, with two arms and a couple of stationary hockey pads. Intended to making playing pond hockey a little more fun by doing away with the empty net.
  5. Robot Vacuum: A tiny one-off built robot vacuum cleaner. Not just intended as a Roomba knock-off: Intended to be cheaply built and to actually get into hard to reach places and more importantly corners.
  6. Search and Rescue Radio Direction Finder: Intended as a portable unit for utilizing the pseudo-doppler system for RF direction finding. Intended for use in the arctic to geolocate and trilaterate a radio frequency signal with an accuracy range of 5km.
  7. Wrist mounted Pipboy 3000. So, it's not original but I'd like to take a Raspberry Pi Zero and install a software defined radio into it as well as a geiger counter and radiological survey meter on top of various other sensors that would be helpful in an emergency situation.

And a bunch of others that I either haven't documented yet or I've forgotten about.